Putting into practice the techniques from Active Listening 1 in the Pre-Observation Meeting.

Now, you need to hold your first pre-observation meeting.
In preparation, do the following:

1. Arrange a time with the teacher you plan to observe and ensure they do not mind a second supervisor observing the meeting.

2. Review the main principles of active listening as discussed in active listening 1.
The main points were:
- the teacher as Speaker and the supervisor as Understander.
- the teacher clarifying their thoughts, experiences and opinions by talking them through.
- the supervisor actively listening and supporting the teacher.
- the supervisor asking for clarification
- the supervisor 'echoing' the Speaker's words to ensure they have understood correctly
- the teacher extending their thoughts into a plan for action and development.

3. Review the main stages of the meeting:
- Details of the section
- Details of the lesson
- Focus for the observer
- Other points the teacher wants to raise

4. Refer to your additional notes from the pre-observation meeting task.

Hold the pre-observation meeting and have it observed by a colleague.

On completion, discuss with the colleague how the meeting went and email Phil with your outcomes based on the following questions:

Did the meeting follow the planned four stages? What was different?
Did the observer use active listening techniques effectively? How?
Did the meeting effectively prepare the observer for the observation? How?