This short booklist gives the basic reading for each unit.
We recommend buying the main texts although this is not essential except for Parrott's Grammar for English Language Teachers (in bold).
If you would like to make a start on pre-course reading, we would recommend the books in italics or in blue which have been recommended by previous successful candidates.

Main Text:
Bowen, T and Marks, J - Inside Teaching (Heinemann) 1994
Scrivener, J - Learning Teaching (Heinemann) 1994
Ur, P - A Course in Language Teaching (CUP) 1996
Hedge, T - Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom (OUP) 2000
Willis & Willis -Challenge and Change in Language Teaching (Heinemann) 1996
Wallace, M- Action Research for Teachers (CUP) 1988

Main Text:
Nunan, D - Designing Tasks for the Communicative Classroom (CUP) 1998
Cunningsworth, A - Choosing Your Coursebook (Heinemann) 1995
Harmer, J - The Practice of English Language Teaching (Longman) 2001
Lewis, M and Hill, J - Practical Techniques for Language Teaching (LTP) 1983

Main Text:
Richards J.C. - The Language Teaching Matrix (CUP) 1990
Ur, P - Discussions that Work (CUP) 1981
Nuttall, C - Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language (Heinemann) 1996
Hedge, T - Writing (OUP) 1988
Rixon, S - Developing Listening Skills (Macmillan) 1998
Ur, P - Teaching Listening Comprehension (CUP) 1984

Main Text:
Richards, JC and Rodgers, TS - Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching (CUP) 1986
Stevick, E - Memory, Meaning and Method (Newbury House) 1969
Prabhu , NS - Second Language Pedagogy (OUP) 1987
Willis, J - A Framework for Task-based Learning (Longman) 1996
Hardisty, D and Winseat, S - Computer Assisted Language Learning (OUP) 1989

Main Text:

Parrot, M - Grammar for English Language Teachers (CUP) 2000
Thornbury, S - How to Teach Grammar (Pearson ESL) 1999
Lewis, M. - The English Verb (LTP) 1986

McCarthy, M - Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers (CUP) 1991
Kenworthy, J - Teaching English Pronunciation (Longman) 1986
Gairns, R and Redman, S - Working with Words (CUP) 1990
Thornbury, S - How to Teach Vocabulary (Longman) 2002
Davis, P. & Rinvolucri, M. - More Grammar Games : Cognitive, Affective and Movement Activities for EFL Students (CUP) 1995
Rinvolucri, M. - Grammar Games (CUP) 1985
Kelly, G. - How to Teach Pronunciation (Longman) 2000

Main Text:
Woodward, T - Planning Lessons and Courses (CUP) 2000
Nunan, D - Syllabus Design (OUP) 1998
Tarone, E & Yule, G - Focus on the Language Learner (OUP) 1990

Main Text:
Dickens R, P & Germaine, K - Evaluation (OUP) 1992
Baxter, A - Evaluating Your Students (Richmond) 1997
Heaton, B - Classroom Testing (Longman) 1990
Swan, M. & Smith, B - Learner English (CUP) 1987
Edge, J- Mistakes and Corrections (Longman) 1982
Norrish, J - Language Learners and their Errors (Macmillan) 1982


Lewis, M and Hill, J - Practical Techniques for Language Teaching (LTP) 1983
Littlewood, W - Communicative Language Teaching - An Introduction (CUP) 1981
Nunan, D - Language Teaching Methodology (Prentice Hall) 1991
Rossner, R and Bolitho, R - Currents of Change in English language Teaching (OUP) 1991

Classroom Research
Allwright, D and Bailey, K - Focus on the Language Classroom - An Introduction To Classroom Research For Language Teachers (CUP) 1991
Brumfit, E and C and Mitchell, R - ELT Documents 133 Research in the Language Classroom (MEP) 1991
Nunan, D Understanding Language Classrooms - A Guide for Teacher - Initiated Action (Prentice Hall) 1989
Wallace, M- Action Research for Teachers (CUP) 1988

Valdes M, J Ed - Culture Bound (CUP) 1987
Tomalin, B and Stempleski, S - Cultural Awareness (OUP) 1993

Cook, G - Discourse (OUP) 1989

Bartram, M & Walton, R - Correction (LTP) 1991

Learning and Learner Training
Brandes, D & Ginnis, P - A Guide to Student-centred Learning (Blackwell) 1986
Cotterall, S. ELTJ Vol.49/3, July 1995 - A Course Strategy for Learner Autonomy
Ellis, G and Sinclair, B - Learning to Learn (Student's Book and Teacher's Book) (CUP) 1989
Hadfield, J - Classroom Dynamics (OUP) 1990
Krashen, S - Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition (Pergamon) 1982
Lightbown, P and Spada, N - How Languages are Learned (OUP) 1996
Prodromou, L - Mixed Ability Classes (Macmillan) 1991
Sheerin, S -Self Access (OUP) 1989
Wright, T - The Roles of Teachers and Learners (OUP) 1987

Lexis and Semantics
Collins COBUILD English Guides 2 - Word Formation (Harper Collins) 1991
Davis, P and Rinvolucri, M - Vocabulary (OUP) 1989
Harmer, J - How to Teach Vocabulary (Pearson ESL) 2002
Lewis, M - The Lexical Approach (LTP) 1993
McCarthy, M - Vocabulary (OUP) 1998
N Schmitt & M McCarthy - Vocabulary Description, Acquisition & Pedagogy (CUP) 1997
Underhill, A - Use Your Dictionary (OUP) 1979

Anderson, A and Lynch, T - Listening (OUP) 1988
ELTJ Vol. 36/1 Porter and Roberts - Authentic Listening Activities
ELTJ Vol. 36/3 April 1982 Thomas: "Survey Article: Listening Skills"
ELTJ Vol. 37/3 July 1983 Thomas: "Survey Article: Listening Skills"
ELTJ Vol. 46/1 January 1992 Kellerman, S: Survey Review: "Recent materials for the teaching of listening".
Underwood, M - Teaching listening (Longman) 1998

Carter, R and Brumfit, CJ - Literature and Language Teaching (OUP) 1986
Collie and Slater, S - Literature in the Language Classroom (OUP) 1987
Lazar, G - Literature and Language Teaching (CUP) 1993

Baker, A - Ship or Sheep (CUP)
Bradford, B - Intonation in Context (CUP) 1998
Cunningham, J and Bowles, B - Headway Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate Pronunciation (OUP) 1990 - 1994
Digby, C and Myers, J - Making Sense of Spelling and Pronunciation (Prentice Hall) 1993
Graham, C - Jazz Chants (OUP)
Hancock, M - Pronunciation Games (CUP) 1995
Haycraft, B - English Aloud (Heinemann) 1994
Hewings, M - Pronunciation Tasks
Marks, J and Bowen, T - The Pronunciation Book (Longman) 1992
Mortimer, C - Elements of Pronunciation (CUP)
O'Connell - Sounds English (Longman)
Roach, P - English Phonetics and Phonology (CUP) 1984
Seidelhofer B - Pronunciation (OUP) 1995
Taylor, L - Pronunciation (OUP) 1995\
Thompson, I - Intonation in Practice (OUP) 1981
Trim, J - English Pronunciation Illustrated (OUP)
Underhill, A - Sound foundations (Heinemann) 1994

Professional Development
Appel, J - Diary of a Language Teacher (Heinemann) 1995
Bartlett, N - Teacher Development through Reflective Teaching in Richards, J and Nunan, D ed. Second Language Teacher Education (CUP) 1990
Head & Taylor - Readings in Teacher Development (Heinemann) 1996
Schon, D - The Reflective Practitioner (Basic Books) 1983

ELTJ Vol. 47/1 Jan. 1993 Moran, C and Williams, E - Survey Review: recent materials for the teaching of reading at intermediate levels and above
Greenall, S and Swan, M - Effective Reading (CUP) 1986
Grellet, F - Developing Reading Skills (CUP) 1981
Williams, E - Reading in the Language Classroom (Macmillan) 1988

Byrne, D - Teaching Oral English (Longman) 1986
Klippel, F - Keep Talking (CUP) 1985
Nolasco, R and Arthur, L - Conversation (CUP) 1987
Porter-Ladousse, G - Role Play (OUP) 1988

Syllabus Design and Textbooks
ELTJ Vol. 44/4 Oct. 1990 Gray, K.: "Syllabus design for the general class: what happens to theory when you apply it."
Nunan, D - Syllabus Design (OUP) 1998
Prabhu , NS - Second Language Pedagogy (OUP) 1987
Willis, J - A Framework for Task-based Learning (Longman) 1996

Syntax and Grammar
Bolitho, R and Tomlinson, B - Discover English (Heinemann) 1995
Hall, N and Shepherd, J- The Anti-Grammar Grammar Book (Longman)
Harmer, J - Teaching and Learning Grammar (Longman) 1988
Leech, G N - Meaning and the English Verb (Longman) 1971.
Thornbury, S - About Language (CUP) 1997
Swan, M - Practical English Usage (OUP) 1995
Ur, P - Grammar Practice Activities (CUP) 1989

Carroll, B and Hall, P - Make Your Own Language Tests (Pergamon)
Harris & McCann - Assessment (Heinemann) 1944
Hughes, A - Testing for Language Teachers (CUP)
May, P - Exam Classes (OUP) 1996
Underhill, N - Testing Spoken Language (CUP) 1987

Allen, M - Teaching English with Video (Longman) 1985
ELTJ Vol. 40/2 Survey Review: Bevan, Valerie "Purpose - made videos for English Language Teaching"

Byrne, D - Teaching Writing Skills (Longman) 1988
Raimes, A - Techniques in Teaching Writing (OUP)1985
Tribble, C - Writing (OUP) 1966
White, R and Arndt, V - Process Writing (Longman) 1991