1. Background Assignment:
Your background assignment should satisfy the following general criteria:
- Is clear, easy to follow in accurate language that does not impose a strain on the reader
- Uses appropriate terminology accurately
- Makes references to sources in the text
- Contains a reference bibliography
- Respects the word limit and states the number of words used

Your background assignment should specifically follow these criteria:
- Identify and analyse an area of the grammatical, lexical, phonological or discoursal system of English
- Identify and analyse the chosen aspect in terms of general problems inherent in this area for adult learners of English
- Outline the reasons for choosing the particular aspect with reference to the sources consulted and your classroom experience, observation and research
- Show an understanding of the specified aspect by:
using appropriate terminology accurately;
referring to reference materials;
referring to your classroom experience and observation;
focusing on particular issues for learners;
taking into account factors such as language, cultural background and learning style
- Discuss possible ways to help learners develop competence in the specified area by:
relating reading and research to learner needs;
identifying an appropriate range of activities, resources and materials to support and guide learners;
showing familiarity with a range of classroom procedures and techniques;
linking practice and underlying theory.
- Draw general and specific conclusions about your current and future practice in the area under discussion

2. Lesson Plan
Your lesson plan should:
- State the needs and level of the specific group
- Set out a clear focus for the lesson in terms of aims and objectives
- Describe and sequence the procedures planned to achieve these aims
- Outline any links between this lesson and previous and/or subsequent lessons
- Anticipate the problems and strengths of the group of learners
- Identify appropriate materials/resources to be used
- Assign realistic and appropriate timing
- Contain a sourced copy of all materials to be used

3. Commentary
Your commentary should:
- Provide a brief profile of the learners
- Link the learners' needs, the content and approach of the lesson and the reading and research in your essay
- Show how the focus of the lesson relates to supporting further language systems work

4. Lesson
Your teaching of the lesson should demonstrate that you can:
- Teach a coherent lesson with a clear sense of purpose which fully engages all the learners
- Teach the class and the individuals within it with sensitivity to the learners' needs, level and context
- Make effective use of learning materials and resources
- Monitor learning and manage relevant feedback
- Take into account your learners' cognitive and affective needs
- Adapt your use of language to the level of the group
- Provide accurate and appropriate models of language use
- Give accurate and appropriate information about language form, meaning and use
- Respond to and exploit learner contributions
- Focus on learners' control of the language systems
- Develop learners' fluency and confidence
- Promote learner autonomy
- Establish and maintain a positive learning atmosphere
- Manage the space, furniture and equipment
- Set up whole class and/or group and/or individual activities as appropriate
- Manage the class so that the focus of the lesson remains on the stated aims and objectives
- Manage the time to ensure the pace of the lesson appropriate
- Use the lesson plan as a guide and adapt it to respond to the classroom dynamic

5. Post-lesson Evaluation
Your post-lesson evaluation should:
- Reflect on, review and evaluate your own planning, teaching and, where relevant, your reading and research
- Identify key strengths and weaknesses in the plan and its execution
- Show how you intend to make changes and develop your skills as a teacher