Phil Quirke


Pre-session task
Before the session, make notes on the following questions based on your experience and current knowledge.

1) What is your favourite communicative activity?
2) How do you use correction in your classes?
3) When and how do you use drills in your classes?
4) How do you develop your students' independent learning skills?
5) What would you like to research in your classrooms over the next few months?
6) How do you teach vocabulary?
7) Which factors do you believe are paramount for a student to succeed in learning a language?
8) How would you describe yourself as a teacher? Do not use more than twenty words.

Please bring your answers to the session.

The session
Please use this link if you miss the session.

Follow-up task
Please read the article again and answer any questions you did not cover in the session.
Use your email journal to discuss your answers with your mentor.

These are the six books I'd recommend to start off your further reading:

Scrivener, J - Learning Teaching (Heinemann) 1994
Nunan, D - Language Teaching Methodology (Prentice Hall) 1991
Rossner, R and Bolitho, R
- Currents of Change in English Language Teaching (OUP) 1991
Krashen, S -
Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition (Pergamon) 1982
Bowen, T and Marks, J - Inside Teaching (Heinemann) 1994
Ur, P - A Course in Language Teaching (CUP) 1996