Steve Banfield

Match the definition on the right to each of the lesson features on the left.

1. inductive presentation a. students practise for accuracy
e.g. by repeating a structure, or by writing the correct forms in a gapped text.
2. deductive presentation b. emphasis on fluency:
students produce language in a free discussion, or solve a problem by talking about it in groups
3. controlled practice c. activity done before dealing with a text or piece of writing,
e.g. discussion to familiarise students with a topic; pre-teach vocab from text
4. guided practice d. activity done after dealing with a text or piece of writing,
e.g. personalizing the topic by getting students' opinions
5. free practice/production e. activity done at beginning of a lesson to 'break the ice' or create a positive atmosphere to facilitate the main activity that follows
6. pre-reading / listening f. students are given the rule for a language item
and then produce writing activities examples.
7. while - r / l / w activities g. teacher elicits the rule for a language item by giving examples
- students work out the rule themselves.
8. post - r / l / w activities h. exercises done during a skills activity,
e.g. true/false
9. warmers i. (often fun) activity done when you have a bit of extra time left over.
10. fillers j. practice where students have more choice/scope in language they produce,
e.g. minimum hints for writing (write 5 sentences describing your house.)

Now, think of examples of activities you have used for each of the features and complete the linked table.