Ruth Hamilton


This is a suggested list of headings and rationale for an acceptable DELTA lesson plan.
You can choose other formats as long as you cover the same ground.

Cover Sheet:
Location of Lesson
Time and Length of Lesson
Level of Class - Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced.
You can also define the level by the number of hours of instruction, or by coursebook.
Number of Students
Class Composition - What sort of group they are, nationalities, sexes, strengths and weaknesses, know each other, etc.
Aim(s) - What you expect your students to achieve in the lesson, or to have achieved by the end of the lesson!
This needs careful thought and wording as your lesson will be assessed on your achievement of your aim(s).
Make sure your aims are achievable. They must meet your students' needs.
CLICK HERE for examples to help you.
Sub-aim(s) - Use this section to include aims that you consider are of secondary importance.
Timetable Fit - classwork (past and future)
- what was covered in previous lesson(s), and what will be covered in follow-up lesson(s).
Does the lesson review language from previous lesson(s) or preview language for future lessons?
Assumptions - Language - what students have already covered in previous lessons or courses and so should be familiar with.
Also assumptions you can make about the students, e.g. likes/preferences, familiarity with type of activity, etc.
Anticipated Difficulties - This is a useful section where you can put any difficulties you may encounter in the lesson.
These may be
· Conceptual - problems with the meaning of a structure or vocab items
· Structural - problems with the formation of a structure
· Phonological - problems with getting their tongues round a structure or vocab item
· Cultural - this can include the content causing problems or the activities you plan e.g. working in pairs
· Other - time of class, class dynamics, use of Arabic, etc.
Solutions - use this section to present your solutions to the above difficulties.
Some people prefer to put their solutions with the anticipated difficulties.
Materials - include everything you will use in the lesson : whiteboard, board pens, cassette, pictures, realia, handouts, etc…..

Lesson Plan Procedure


How long you think this activity will take.
You don't have to be precise. You can use 5-7 mins. for example.
Make sure the total is at least 45 mins.

What you are going to do.
Include each activity the students do as well as what you are doing.
If you are monitoring, say what you are monitoring for.


Whole class /
groups /
pairs /
individual /
T - S(SS)S - T


Why you are doing this particular stage/activity.
This section is important because it shows your thinking behind the activity.
If you don't know 'why?' - change it!