Phil Quirke


Pre-session reading
Please read the article by Kathleen Bailey called Reflective Teaching: Situating Our Stories.

The abstract states that:
"This paper combines the research tradition of the literature review and the literary device of flashbacks, in the form of vignettes, to examine the notion of reflective teaching. A case is made for the value of reflective teaching as a practice, an attitude, a way of being professional, and as a source of potentially insightful solutions to problems."

It is a clearly written, easy-to-read introduction to reflective teaching and provides a good foundation for our session as well as an excellent bibliography for further reading and research.

Pre-session task
The article by Kathleen Bailey addresses four main questions.

1) What is reflective teaching?
2) How is reflective teaching different from what we've always done?
3) How is reflective teaching different from action research?
4) Why is reflective teaching worth doing?

Before the session, please answer each of these questions from your point of view in not more than three sentences each.
Bring your answers to the session.

The session
Please use this link if you miss the session.

Follow-up reading
Have a look at this article which emphasises many of the points made by Bailey in your pre-session reading.
If you are interested in delving deeper, you can explore the bibliographies of the two articles.
These are my five favourite texts on reflective teaching to get you started:

Richards, J. & Lockhart, C. (1994) Reflective Teaching in Second Language Classrooms. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Bartlett, N. (1990) Teacher Development through Reflective Teaching in Richards, J and Nunan, D (eds.) Second Language Teacher Education. CUP.
Gore, J. (1987) Reflecting on Reflective Teaching. Journal of Teacher Education, 37, 33-39
Richards, J.C. (1991) Towards Reflective Teaching. The Teacher Trainer, 5, 3, pp. 4-8.
Handal, G. & P. Lauvas. (1987) Promoting Reflective Teaching: Supervision in Action. Milton Keynes: Open University Press.