Brian Knight

Pre-session task
Review progress of the testing you have done to date.
Bring the tests, results and your review to the session.

The session
1. Read the Extended Assignment Report 2000 and highlight the main points.

2. Working together, create a visual list of dos & don'ts on OHTs and present them to the group.

3. Discuss the progress on Listening & Reading testing of your case study learner.

4. Refer to the Extended Assignment Report, p10, Reading & Listening skills.
Is there anything you need to add to what you have done so far?

5. Present the results of your tests to the group.
Query the validity and reliability of the tests - have the tests revealed what they were supposed to?

6. Final discussion on the progress made on the Speaking & Writing testing.
What needs to be done before the sessions on Oral and Writing Samples.

Post-session task
Make sure you have the writing and oral samples ready for the next Case Study sessions.