The Online Experience

The first unit will allow candidates to get used to the online experience of this course, and this page gives potential candidates a glimpse into the structures of this e-course.
The reflective journal is structured around set entries on:
Theory of Language
Theory of Learning
Theory of Teaching
This Week's Teaching
Knowledge Gained This Week

The first entries begin from past experiences as a student and learning experiences.
From here they move into teaching experiences and "where we are now".
They then move onto "where we want to be" and "how we can get there".

The discussion boards are lead by one of the tutors and begin with key questions around the reading and input. Candidates are expected to reflect upon the questions and responses from others before contributing themselves.

The tutor and mentor relationships will also be developed during the first unit, and this page gives a few examples of the role that both play in the course and development process.

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