Our Philosophy

We believe that teacher training and development courses should support teachers in becoming the most eclectic practitioners possible through a process of practice and reflection supported by tutors, mentoring, unseen observations, discussion boards, journalling and structured reading. We also believe that the course provides effective loop input by introducing teachers to effective web-based course delivery that is increasingly required of the ELT practitioner today.

We further believe that the RSA UCLES DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) provides the best structure for this approach to teacher development.

Tutors - each candidate will have an individual tutor who interacts via email and reflective journals. This tutor will provide any support needed throughout the course and supervise the unseen observations. However, all assignments will be assessed by two other tutors.

Mentoring - each candidate should choose an experienced teacher who they work with to act as their local mentor and who should, if possible, be a DELTA qualified teacher. The mentor must provide a CV to the centre and should be prepared to support the candidate through tasks, discussions, peer observations and encouragement. For further information please follow this link.

Unseen Observations - the programme is structured around a course of email-based unseen observations. Each unit requiring an observation will involve an in-depth email discussion whereby the candidate teacher reflects on their lesson based on tutor questions that probe the taught class. The questions are drawn from the background essay, commentary and lesson plan that must be submitted three days before the taught class. Following the discussion, the candidate must draw up a post-lesson evaluation before the tutors evaluate the unit's assignment following the UCLES DELTA criteria.

Discussion Boards - each unit will be supported by a discussion board lead by one of the tutors. Candidates are expected to contribute a minimum number of entries each week that demonstrate their reading and understanding.

Journalling - each candidate is expected to keep a reflective journal throughout the course. The journal will follow a set format and be supported by the tutor in their one-to-one exchanges with the candidate.

Structured Reading - each unit is based upon one of the required assignments for the UCLES DELTA and is divided into input sections. These sections are formed around a series of articles that give a sound theoretical basis to current practice. The discussion boards are linked to the readings and aim to guide the candidates towards linking the theory to their classroom teaching.

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