Course Requirements

The WebDELTA has three components:
Component 1: Coursework
Component 2: The Extended Assignment - Case Study
Component 3: The Written Exam
To gain the Diploma candidates must complete and pass all three components of the course and meet all course requirements.

Component 1a - Course Requirements
1. Candidates must show evidence of reading, reflection and understanding through their journals and discussion board entries.
2. Candidates must contribute to the discussion boards at least once a week throughout the course.
3. Candidates must submit journal entries to their tutors at least once a week.
4. Candidates must observe colleagues for ten hours, complete the observation tasks and incorporate feedback into their journals.

Component 1b - Course Assignments
1. Candidates must
pass two of the following assignments:
the resources and materials assignment
b) the course planning assignment
c) the experimental practice assignment.
2. Candidates must pass three of the language systems or skills assignments.
3. Candidates must pass the external assessment.

Component 2 - The Extended Assignment - Case Study
1. Candidates must pass the case study - assessed by UCLES.

Component 3- The Written Exam
1. Candidates must pass five of the nine tasks in the final exam with at least one task in each question passed

Check the Full Syllabus and Assessment guidelines for DELTA from this link.
It is a PDF document and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.

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