This assignment consists of:
1. Lesson Plan
2. Commentary (max 500 words)
3. Lesson (40 - 60 minutes, min 5 adult learners)
4. Post-Lesson Evaluation (max 500 words)

This assignment focuses on the selection of a resource and/or a set of materials or course book for use with a specific group of learners at a particular level, with reference to a context/country within which you teach

1. Lesson Plan
Produce a lesson plan as outlined in the input session.
Your lesson plan should:
¨ State the needs and level of the specific group
¨ Set out a clear focus for the lesson in terms of aims and objectives
¨ Describe and sequence the procedures planned to achieve these aims
¨ Outline any links between this lesson and previous and/or subsequent lessons
¨ Anticipate the problems and strengths of the group of learners
¨ Identify appropriate materials/resources to be used
¨ Assign realistic and appropriate timing
¨ Contain a sourced copy of all materials to be used

2. Commentary
Your commentary (of not more than 500 words) should:
¨ Provide a brief profile of the learners
¨ Discuss the criteria for the selection of the resource(s)/material(s) used in this lesson
¨ Show how the focus of the lesson relates to either supporting skills work or to supporting further language systems work

3. Teach the Lesson
Make sure you have arranged for one of the course tutors to come and observe the lesson.
Your teaching of the lesson should demonstrate that you can:
¨ Teach a coherent lesson with a clear sense of purpose which fully engages all the learners
¨ Teach the class and the individuals within it with sensitivity to the learners' needs, level and context
¨ Make effective use of learning materials and resources
¨ Monitor learning and manage relevant feedback
¨ Take into account your learners' cognitive and affective needs
¨ Adapt your use of language to the level of the group
¨ Provide accurate and appropriate models of language use
¨ Give accurate and appropriate information about language form, meaning and use
¨ Respond to and exploit learner contributions
¨ Focus on learners' control of the language systems
¨ Develop learners' fluency and confidence
¨ Promote learner autonomy
¨ Establish and maintain a positive learning atmosphere
¨ Manage the space, furniture and equipment
¨ Set up whole class and/or group and/or individual activities as appropriate
¨ Manage the class so that the focus of the lesson remains on the stated aims and objectives
¨ Manage the time to ensure the pace of the lesson appropriate
¨ Use the lesson plan as a guide and adapt it to respond to the classroom dynamic

4. Post-lesson Evaluation
Your post-lesson evaluation should:
¨ Reflect on, review and evaluate your own planning, teaching and, where relevant, your reading and research
¨ Identify key strengths and weaknesses in the plan and its execution
¨ Show how you intend to make changes and develop your skills as a teacher

So, it should include:
- Reflection on the lesson in actuality as opposed to your lesson plan
- What changes you would or would not make to the plan / lesson with your rationale
- Comment on issues brought up in your feedback with the course tutor
- A detailed action plan for your further development in the areas highlighted by your analysis

Make sure that you hand in 2 complete copies of the assignment