Brian Knight


Pre-session task
1. By looking at "types" of learner, we mean to consider the various practical influences on, for example, the teaching materials we use.
How many different ways do we categorise our learners?
Of course, we refer to their level of English skills, and age is also an important factor, but how else do we define our various types of learner?
Make a list of categories.
Now subdivide each category into the different types within it.
Bring your list to the session.

2. How would you define learner independence?
Write your own working definition and bring it to the session.

The session
Please use this link if you miss the session.

Follow-up reading
There is a useful summary on the subject of motivation and second language acquisition available in hard copy only.
You will be given a copy in the session, or can request it if you miss the session.

See what the DELTA group of 2003-2004 came up with when brainstorming independent learning activities.
You can also check out the following two sites focused on learner independence:
Phil Benson's Independence in Language Learning site from the University of Hong Kong
TESOLArabia's Learner Independence SIG with a very interesting international discussion board.