Lexis - recommended reading

Aitchinson, J - Words in Mind (OUP)
Collins COBUILD English Guides 2 - Word Formation (Harper Collins)
Davis, P & Rinvolucri, M - Vocabulary (OUP)
Gairns, R & Redman, S - Working with Words (CUP)
Harmer, J - How to Teach Vocabulary (Pearson ESL)
Lewis, M - The Lexical Approach (LTP)
McCarthy, M - Vocabulary (OUP)
Schmitt, N & McCarthy, M - Vocabulary Description, Acquisition and Pedagogy (CUP)
Taylor, L - Teaching and Learning Vocabulary (Prentice Hall)
Underhill, A - Use Your Dictionary (OUP)
Wallace, M - Teaching Vocabulary (Heinemann)

Books for teaching vocabulary

Ellis, R & Redman, S - A Way with Words, Books 1-3 (CUP)
Fletcher, C & Hargreaves, G - Activating Vocabulary (Bell & Hyman)
Fowler, W - The Right Word (Nelson)
Seal, B - Vocabulary Builder, Books 1-2 (Longman)
Thomas, B - Advanced Vocabulary and Idiom (Nelson)
Thomas, B - Elementary Vocabulary, Intermediate Vocabulary (Edward Arnold)
Watcyn-Jones, P - Test Your Vocabulary, Books 1-5 (Penguin)
Watcyn-Jones, P - Vocabulary Games and Activities for Teachers (Penguin)