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Lexical studies
Notes taken from my Masters study which give just about every definition needed.

Vocabulary presentation & practice
A short worksheet for discussion and thought that includes the 22 ways I regularly use to present new vocabulary.

Four Dictionaries Reviewed
My own review of 4 commonly used dictionaries and how they differ. Scroll down about half way and try doing the 17 short exercises with your own selection of dictionaries. It'll give you the best possible insight into the work of the lexicographer.

Laying the Foundations
The first unit in the Lexical Studies module of Aston University's Masters by Peter Roe.

What is Language?
The second unit in the Lexical Studies module of Aston University's Masters by Peter Roe.

An Introduction to Lexis
A series of exercises to introduce the teaching and learning of lexis in the classroom.

Lexis Reading
A recommended list of books on the teaching of Lexis and the theories behind it.

















The Lexical Syllabus
The complete text of Dave Willis' book 'The Lexical Syllabus' - a new approach to language teaching - available in pdf format to download to your computer.

Lexical Tutor
One of the best sites on Lexis that I have found.

The Linguist List
The world's largest online linguistic resource.

Word Surfing
A practical site that aims to help language learners become better communicators and in the process becomes an excellent teacher resource with an active discussion board worth joining.

David Lee's Bookmarks for Corpus-based Linguists
This is one of the most comprehensive site I've seen in this field. Its enormous content - virtually all links - is usefully divided into broad categories. Check it out.

Second Language Vocabulary Resources
This page contains some resources for those interested in second language vocabulary acquisition and includes a 23,000 entry bibliography link.

Word formation basics
Understanding prefixes.

Collins Cobuild
Cobuild's home site which includes online access to their Bank of English.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Type in the word you want and up pops the dictionary entry. Great link to 'information for language researchers' as well.

The Longman Web Dictionary
Opens a new window for the definition and example sentences. Very comprehensive.

Web Vocabulary Profiler
An extraordinary site. Type or paste your text into the box provided and the site generates a vocabulary profile of the text. Quite brilliant.

Computational Linguistics
The full module by Peter Roe from the Aston University Masters in TESOL/TESP.

Corpus Linguistics
A wide ranging site with links to corpora, texts, concordance programmes and courses in corpus linguistics.

The on-line, searchable part of the collection of transcripts of academic speech events recorded at the University of Michigan.

Tim Johns' Data Driven Learning Page
One of the best linked pages I have found on corpus linguistics.

Business English Lexis
This website is dedicated to the lexis of Business English and is based on Mike Nelson's research.