Ruth Hamilton


What is there about the classroom, the activities, the teacher and the students that helps to create conditions for effective learning?
What things do you observe that seem to play a part in hindering learning?

The classroom
Make notes on:
Seating -
Sight-lines -
Space -
Air -
Warmth -
Light -
Whiteboard -
Equipment -
Other -

The activities
Make notes on:
The kind of activities used -
The nature of student involvement -
Interaction patterns -
Balance of students doing things and teacher doing things -
Other -

The teacher
What personal qualities does the teacher have (i.e. not teaching techniques)?
What kind of rapport does this teacher have?
What is the personal psychological atmosphere generated by this teacher?
What is it like to be a student in this classroom?

The learners
How motivated are the learners?
To what extent are they taking an active part in their own learning?
To what extent are they expecting the teacher to do the work for them?
In what ways do they show independence?

Adapted from Jim Scrivener 1994 'Learning Teaching'

When you have completed this second observation task, move onto Observation Task 3.