Ruth Hamilton

Choose one student to focus on for this lesson, put yourself in their shoes.
See the lesson through their eyes.
Listen through their ears and answer the following questions.

1. What did you do in your English class today?

2. Did you enjoy the class? Why? Why not?

3. What did you enjoy most about the class?

4. What did you enjoy least?

5. Was it clear at all times what you were supposed to be doing?

6. When did you feel most comfortable today- working individually, in pairs or groups?

7. Was there any time in the lesson when you didn't feel comfortable or relaxed? If so, what caused this?

8. Did you find the material used in the class interesting, relevant and useful?

9. Was it the correct level for you or too easy/difficult?

10. Did the teacher check your work and help you when necessary?

11. Did you contribute as much as you could have in the lesson?

12. Did you speak any L1 - if so, when and why?

13. What did you learn today in class?

When you have completed this fourth observation task, move onto Observation Task 5.