Steve Banfield

Exercise 1
How many other words can you think of containing the sounds /i:??/ and /I/?
Write them in the appropriate column below.
You can write the words in normal spelling for now!










Exercise 2
Write the listed words under the correct column(s).
NB: some words may go under more than one column!

theatre; cheek; chic; sheet; young; song; those; leisure; ledger;
jade; bathe; bath; issue; choose; shoes; think; these; nation; ration;
youth; yearn; beyond; torture; teeth; seethe; pressure









Exercise 3
Write the listed words under the correct column(s)

Cat; cut; cot; foot; soot; pot; put; fat; but; fattening; pudding; buddie; baddie; flood







Exercise 4
Now match each transcribed word to its orthographic form.
Write the spelt word next to its transcription:

Shack; books; club; shocking; jack; footer; jam; cup; backs; jogging





















Exercise 5
Write the listed words under the correct column(s):

cheer; chair; share; blaze; blouse; wear; boil; bail; bile; file; tear.

Which one of the preceding words could go in two different columns?







Exercise 6
Now write the following words in transcription.

1. Fear
2. Fair
3. Phrase
4. Rouse
5. Flare
6. Soil
7. Sail
8. Shy
9. Buy
10. Clear

Exercise 7
Which of the following words might you pair off for minimal pair activities?
What other words could you use to practise the same sounds?
Pair the words off and write the phonemes in transcription, as in the example.
Then write a list of other words under each column.

e.g. Cat, cut

cat ?/A/
cut /y?/

bay; luck; sheep; cup; hair; ship; shoe; cap; hear; buy; boy; show; look

Exercise 8
Finally, write the transcribed phrases in ordinary spelling.
They are all ways of using phonemic script in your lessons.
When you have written them down, rank order them:
1 = the one you'd be most likely to use;
10 = the one you'd be least likely to use.

1. /bO: dinstrykScnz/
2. /kcntra:stiv kcrekScn tekni:ks/
3. /dIkScnri skIlz wZ:k/
4. /saUndcn speliN ru:lz/
5. /geI+mz/
6. /mAtSIN ekscsaIzIz/
7. /self kCcrekScn/
8. /prizentiN nju: saUnz/
9. /fcnetIk saUnd ka:dz/
10. /prezcnteIScncv nju: lANgwIdZ Tru: prcnynsieIScn/