Steve Banfield

Pre-session task
A. Understand what we mean by phonology by completing the worksheet at this link and checking your answers.

B. Find the phonemic chart and learn the symbols.
(You will find it in most good course books, e.g. Headway, Reward).
Keep a copy of it near your bed, by your computer, on your kitchen notice board, until you've learned it by heart!

C. Put the following transcriptions into ordinary spelling.
What do most of the words have in common?
Which words are the odd-ones-out?

1. /petIkCCcUt/
2. /SE:t/
3. /skE:t/
4. /traUzcz/
5. /taI/
6. /naitgaun/
7. /soks/
8. /Su:z/
9. /su:t/
10. /pleIt/
11. /dZAkIt/
12. /sO:sc/
13. /weiskcut/
14. /SO:ts/
15. /glVVVyvz/

The session
If you miss the session, please use this link.

Post-session task
Make sure you are comfortable using the phonemic chart.
Begin to introduce it into your lessons on a regular basis.