Ruth Hamilton


Pre-session task

Please think about / make notes on the following:

1. Observation of teachers:
What did you gain from the classes you've observed so far?

2. Presenting language:
a) What different ways are there to present language?
b) Which factors affect your choice of approach?
c) What are PPP, ARC and TTT (referring to presentation of language, i.e. not 'Teacher Talking Time'!!))
d) Do you have a favourite approach? If so, what and why do you like it?

3. Practising language:
a) controlled practice - think of 3 activities you like and the aim of each.
b) freer practice - think of 3 activities you like and the aim of each.

If any of these activities are taken from a coursebook, please bring a copy of them along to the session.

During the session

4. Features of a good lesson
What do you think are the features of a good lesson?
Try and list twenty of them.
Do yours match the twenty listed by a mixture of students and teachers in a recent survey?

5. A metaphor for teaching language
Traffic lights as a powerful tool for planning balanced lessons.

Post-session reading & task
Read pages 128-140 from Scrivener's Learning Teaching.
Do observation task 4 based on the features of a good lesson.