Ruth Hamilton


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The 'Learner Profile' section of the extended assignment can be divided into 4 subheadings:

a) General background
b) Language learning background
c) Learning Style
d) Motivation for learning English

How can you get the information you need to complete this profile?

a) Interview
b) Needs analysis questionnaire(s) / written tasks
c) Observation (class)

Needs Analysis
Objective needs analysis - factual information which does not require the attitudes and views of the learners to be taken into account (e.g. biographical information) - linked to course 'content'.

Subjective needs analysis - reflects the perceptions, goals and priorities of the learner, his/her learning styles and preferences - linked to course 'methodology'.

See 'The Learner-Centred Curriculum' (David Nunan,1988, CUP)

"What really counts in the development of second-language skills is the process of engaging learners in interesting and meaningful classroom experiences."
(Nunan, 1988:45)

Examples of needs analysis questionnaires:

· Nunan, D., 'Syllabus Design', 1988:78, CUP
· Scharle, A. & Szabo, A., 'Learner Autonomy', 2000:16-24, CUP
· Learning style questionnaires from session on 'Theories of Language Learning and Learning Styles'