As you can see, the site has almost doubled in size since the last update just five to six months ago, and that is thanks to all of you for your support, input and suggestions. This update sees the newsletter incorporated into this front page, so just keep scrolling down for the latest news on the site and English Language Teaching events around the world. If you want to check back issues of the newsletters, please follow the links at the end of the page.

I've taken off the registration page as there were just too many glitches with it and as soon as I got it up and running something else seemed to go wrong. However, the database of users is now 167 strong and if you would like to join us, please send me a "register me" email. Equally, if you would like to find another user with similar interests just email me and I'll put you in touch. The last month has seen a group get together on distance education and users from Croatia, China and the Emirates start a study support group. Use me and the site to put you together.

There are now three boards up and running which have been viewed a total of over 250 times - all we need now is all of viewers to start posting as well.
The Journal Writing Forum is our attempt at an online journal on journal writing.
The General Board has seen two threads started:
The MSc Discussion List Archive Project - thank you Jerry.
Research and the Net - thank you John.
So, please visit the discussions, register on the discussion list, reply to the discussions already started or start your own thread.

First of all, thank you one and all for providing so many articles and links which have allowed the site to grow so much over the last few months. The pages which have most benefited are the journals list, the research page, the discourse page, the lexis page with some powerful concordancing links added, the lesson planning page and the testing page. However, I don't think there is a single page that has not seen new additions.
If you see any gaps as you browse through or need something that is not here, just email me and I'll do everything that I can to fill that gap.

As always, the next few months see a hive of professional activity around the world:
(ITMELT) - The Information Technology and Multimedia in ELT conference in Hong Kong in June.
The Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ) - "emphasizes interdisciplinary scholarly exchange in English language format to broaden communication among Asian scholars of diverse disciplines and backgrounds who are based in Japan." June 21-22.
KATE 2003 - Korean Association of Teachers of English - English Language Policy and Curriculum. June 26-28.
14th PARATESOL Annual Convention - Building up cooperation and professional growth. Asuncion. July 10-11.
8th International Pragmatics Conference - Toronto. July 13-18.
The 17th International Congress of Linguists - Prague. July 24-29.
The 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences - Barcelona. August 3-9.
EUROCALL 2003 - Limerick. September 3-6.
Independent Learning Association Inaugural Conference - Supporting independent language learning in the 21st century. Melbourne. Sept 13-14.
TESOL Symposium - ESL/EFL Standards for Young Learners. Rome. September 13.
Peace as a Global Language Conference 2003 - Tokyo. September 27-28.
IATEFL Hungary - Annual Conference. October 3-5.
KOTESOL 2003 - Annual conference - Gateways to Growth: Exploring Resources in ELT. Seoul. October 18-19.
Education Technology Conference and Exhibition - ETEX2003 - Realizing the promise of educational technology: Practical Issues. Muscat, Oman. October 19-21.
29th Annual JALT National Conference - Keeping Current in Language Education. Shizuoka. Japan. November 21-24.
EgypTESOL 4th Annual Convention - Best Practice in TEFL. Cairo. November 28-30.
Online Educa Berlin - The 9th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training. December 3-5.
TESOL2004 Convention - Long Beach, California. March 31-April 4. You can still submit a poster or video theatre presentation until August.

If you would like to see a specific conference in 2003 included in the newsletter, just let me know by email on Conference To Include.

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