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Two unsolicited reviews of the site have been published in the last few months in ESLMag by Christine Meloni and in TESOLArabia's Perspectives Magazine by Jim Buckingham. Click on the authors' names to see the articles and let me know if you agree with them.

With over three hundred registered users on the site database, there is almost certainly someone linked here who is near you or has similar research and teaching interests. If you would like to join us or find a kindred spirit, please send me a "register me" email and I'll get you on the database and / or put you in touch. Use me and the site to put you together.

There are now eight boards up and running which have been viewed a total of over 730 times.
Now if we can get everyone to post when they view --- we'd have the start of the largest ELT conversation in the world.
The Journal Writing Forum is our attempt at an online journal on journal writing and now gives you a sneak view at how seven of us over four continents are putting our TESOL presentation together.
The General Board now has eight boards on six main themes:
A call for all DELTA tutors to get together and share their expertise.
English as a creative and descriptive language.
The MSc Discussion List Archive Project.
Distance Learning - doctorates.
Research and the Net.
Web Design Tools.
So, please join us by:
visiting the discussions
registering on the discussion list
replying to the discussions already started
starting your own thread.

The pages that have seen the most growth over the last few months are:
Skills - with new links and pages on each of the four.
Lesson Planning - with a traffic lights approach that really works.
ELT Management - with my DREAM Management approach and Faculty Appraisal course in development.
Materials evaluation
If you see any gaps as you browse through or need something that is not here, just email me and I'll do everything that I can to fill that gap and need.

As always, the next few months see a hive of professional activity around the world:
EgypTESOL 4th Annual Convention - Best Practice in TEFL. Cairo. November 28-30.
Online Educa Berlin - The 9th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training. December 3-5.
CTELT 2003 - The Future of Language Assessment, December 10-11.
(Re-) Locating TESOL in an Age of Empire - A two-day symposium. December 15-16.
The Ninth EFL Skills Conference - American University in Cairo, Egypt. "Integrating EFL Skills: Strategies for the Teacher, Creativity and Assessment". E-mail the organisers for more information, January 21-23.
TESOL Ukraine. IX TESOL - Ukraine Conference. January 29-31.
Thailand TESOL, ELT 2004: Prioritizing Teacher Development, January 29-31.
Knowledge Management International Conference and Exhibition - "Towards Intelligent and Co-operative Nations" - Penang, Malaysia. February 13-15.
Serving TEA to Young Learners - University of Cyprus, Organized by CyTEA, IATEFL and the University of Cyprus, 27 - 29 February 2004. Please contact Pavlos Pavlou for more details.
9th International ELT Conference - Bilkent University - Turkey - Ankara. "Challenge in Learning: Helping Learners Realise Their Full Potential." March 4-6.
TESOLArabia 2004 - The annual conference in Dubai this year on Standards in English Language Teaching and Assessment, March 10-12.
TESOL Greece - 25th Annual Convention, "Looking Back and Looking Forward: 25 Years of TESOL Greece". March 13-14.
TESOL-SPAIN - 27th Annual Seminar. "Process, Progress and Portfolios: Frameworks for Learning". Madrid, March 26-28.
TESOL2004 Convention - Long Beach, California. March 30-April 3.
The 38th Annual IATEFL Conference - Liverpool. April 13.

International Conference on English Language Teaching Instruction and Assessment - Taiwan. April 24-25.
The Fourth International Symposium on ELT in China - New Directions in ELT in China and around the world. Beijing. May 20-24.
Annual Conference for Teachers of English 2004. "Reflective Teaching" - Dominican Republic. June 10-16.

If you would like to see a specific conference in 2003 included in the newsletter, just let me know by email on Conference To Include.

Go straight to the Aston MSc page with links to the first unit of every module on the Aston MSc in TESP/TESOL.

Doing the DELTA? - Just click here.

SOMETHING MISSING? Just email Phil and let me know what you want included. It'll be up in a week or two.

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