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for English Language Teachers studying for Masters or Diplomas




Introduction to the Skills
A series of 24 questions to get you examining your position on the teaching of language skills.

Journal Writing
A new concept in article writing. This is a collaborative article which uses the discussion board on journals to inform the research being conducted into journals by the eight authors and sees the article updated regularly based on those discussions. An article in motion showing the latest research in journals from around the world.

Maximising Writing through Journals
A practical approach to working on writing fluency without spending hours on correction.

Approaches to Writing
An interesting worksheet that asks you to consider why and how we teach writing to our students.

Reasons for Writing
The five main reasons why we teach writing to students. Are they really valid? Or do we often teach writing out of ease rather than based on our students' needs?

EFL Writing
A fascinating article by Costas Gabrielatos which looks at a comprehensive approach to teaching writing with a new focus.

Writing - Correction
A worksheet that makes you think about what you correct, how you correct and why.

Creative writing and storytelling ideas
Great ideas for the classroom.

'Markin' software for online correction
The best software I know for online correction. The free version is good but only works with short texts and does not allow you to customise to your correction symbols.

The best academic resource on spelling that I have come across.



Approaches to Reading
A brief yet comprehensive overview to teaching reading.

Motivating students to read
A series of simple questions to discuss with your colleagues.

The Reader as a Productive Consumer of Text
An excellent article by Raymod Sheehan that poses a host of questions that we should all ask ourselves when working with texts.

Reading Theory as a Microcosm of the Four Skills
An interesting article by C.P. McCarthy in the Internet TESL Journal.

Resource Assisted Learning
This page (click on listen and learn), from the Hong Kong Virtual Language Centre, makes "use of RealAudio streaming so you can listen as you read and at the same time integrate concordance searches through the entire book to find examples, as well as direct dictionary links. An excellent site.

Randall's Listening Site
The best EFL site I know for students' listening skills. I always send my students to practice there.

The English Listening Lounge
Another good site for your students to work on their listening skills.

Developing Listening Skills
A series of four exercises to get you to question and reflect on your approach to teaching listening.

Speaking - Correction
A worksheet that proves there can be almost unlimited variety in how we correct our students spoken language.

A straight forward brainstorming exercise to do with colleagues that helps share your best activities.