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for English Language Teachers studying for Masters or Diplomas



Pages full of papers and links on everything we do before we go into the classroom - from materials production and lesson planning to the higher order design of syllabus and course planning. The testing page attempts to cover everything from the latest buzz on alternative assessment to how we can ensure we are testing what we want in short classroom quizes. The ELT management page looks more towards the support we require as classroom teachers and an area some may well move towards.
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The theory behind our planning, examples of plans we can all work from and links to sites that provide good plans for those last minute lessons.

What are we testing? Are we over-testing and test fixated? Why are we testing anyway? From these theoretical discussions to getting down to it practically.

Papers and links on different syllabus forms and the theories of teaching and learning that lie behind them. Which lie closest to your beliefs?

From the analysis of materials and what makes good material to examples and links of the best we've seen.


What is the role of management in the world of ELT? Are the best managers teachers? Do you want to move into management? What makes a good manager of teachers?
All this and more.