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This page looks at learning and teaching with technology, independent learning and our teaching development given special treatment.
Do students learn what we teach?
Can we say why we are doing what we are doing at any given point in a lesson?
Working through these papers, links, self-study exercises and reading lists will hopefully provide some answers or at the very least plenty to reflect on. If you find anything missing JUST EMAIL ME.


From a brief History of EFL to ESP and where we are today. The thousands of influences on our
profession looked at in detail. This page also has links to the most useful sites I know for teaching ideas.


The theories of learning that influence everything we do in the classroom.




Many say that the computer and the web will transform our classrooms and our teaching for ever. Will it happen this time?



Can we and do we really approach our teaching
to create independent learners or are we just
shunning our responsibilities?



The oft unspoken part of our daily teaching lives. The daily reflection on our students and our teaching and how we continually strive to be better teachers.