Phil's EFL Support Site

for English Language Teachers studying for Masters or Diplomas



Use the links below to discover papers, articles and links to everything I think can help you study more easily and effectively. With links to all the major ELT journals and organisations, as well as a separate page on Action Research to show my bias towards situated, exploratory and cooperative development, these pages try to cover as wide an area as possible.
If you find anything missing JUST EMAIL ME.


The page with links to all
the major journals in ELT that I know and have found relevant, quick to load and with full access to their articles.


The page that aims to support your research with links to databases such as ERIC as well as papers on distance education, independent and cooperative enquiry, and research methodologies.


Everything I have been able to lay my hands on about Action Research. From the history to approach and from links to a full online course.



Links and papers on how to write successful assignments
with examples.



A page of links to all the major ELT organisations such as TESOL & IATEFL, as well
as some smaller ones that are surprisingly complete and useful.