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Use the links below to discover papers, articles and links on all areas of the beautiful language we teach. Grammar and discourse are separated - some would argue incorrectly - and the links do show that it is a false dichotomy. The lexis pages hopefully give full emphasis to the area of language which is reemerging as central to everything we do in our classes. The phonology pages aim to demonstrate that the teaching of pronunciation is more than the icing on the cake. Finally, the skills pages try to integrate the teaching of reading, writing, listening and speaking in the same way that we approach them in our planning and classroom delivery.
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General overviews to detailed discussions. From Chomsky to Halliday. These papers and links hopefully capture the beauty of the wonderful language we teach.

The links and papers here tackle lexis from both the practical and theoretical angles and try to show the importance and central position of words in our language teaching today.

The four skills - or is it five? Each of them looked at through a series of papers and links that show the latest work in how we approach the integration of them in our classrooms.

This page is slowly building up an online version of a twenty hour phonology course. From downloadable phonemic fonts to discussions and worksheets on suprasegmental features, we try to ensure it's all here.

Text and discourse and how we analyse them. What is the difference between grammar and discourse? Is this a useful distinction? These questions and more are discussed in the links and papers here.