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for English Language Teachers studying for Masters or Diplomas




Training, Education & Development
The first unit in the Aston University Masters in TESOL / TESP's Teacher Development module by Julian Edge.

Cooperative Development
An article by Julian Edge on professional self development through cooperation with colleagues. Read it and put it into practice in your study groups.

42 Questions
A series of questions that spring from the History of EFL text and which can start you on some serious reflection on your teaching practice and beliefs.

Reflective Journals
Thoughts and ideas to get you started on your own reflective journals.

Self Appraisal with NLP
A powerful questioning exercise from NLP that is guaranteed to have you reflecting on your teaching more deeply than you would expect.










The Certificate in On-Line Teaching of English
This course prepares experienced and qualified teachers of English as a Foreign/Second Language to use the Internet as a teaching medium. Have a browse. It looks good. If you know the course personally, let me know, so I can give a full review.

Teacher Development
The home page of the IATEFL Teacher Development SIG. Well worth a browse.

The National Teaching & Learning FORUM
The online version of the journal. I find it really hard going, so if your PC is as slow as mine pick up the hard copy instead.

Creating conditions for reflection
A practical article with teachers talking about teaching and using collaborative group work to deepen the reflection on their teaching.

Developing teachers
A web site for developing language teachers.

Reflective teaching in EFL
An article detailing reflective teaching in practice and grounded in theory. A good bibliography.

Case Studies for Language Teacher Development
A fascinating site from Richard Watson Todd with seven EFL case studies from Greece to Taiwan.

An investigation into the ways Cooperative Development can enhance reflective practice.
Sample TD Aston MSc assignment by John Bartrick.

The Heart of a Teacher
Identity and integrity in teaching. One teacher's personal journey by Parker Palmer.

Vocab Buddy (Lite)
An excellent programme to help EFL teachers-in-training develop their understanding of new terminology independently. Download it for free from here.