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for English Language Teachers studying for Masters or Diplomas




Grammar Awareness
An exercise to see if your level of grammar is up to Diploma standard.

An Introduction to Language Systems
A short introduction which ties grammar, discourse, lexis, phonology and the other factors that make up our world of communication.

Text, Context & Schema
The first unit in the Text and Discourse Analysis module of Aston University's Masters by Thomas Bloor.

Fundamental Issues
The first unit in the Grammar of Modern English module of Aston University's Masters by Tom Bloor.

The Grammar of Words
An series of exercises that act as an introduction to the grammar of words.

The Present Perfect
An analysis of the present perfect providing a model for the analysis of all language.

A short worksheet that gets you playing with and thinking about how we really use the language.

Relative clauses
A short example based worksheet that leads to a basic understanding of relative clause rules.




Good grammar, good style
A site designed for native speakers with over 100 pages of articles and answers to FAQs.

English Rules
One of the best grammar sites I have found on the Net. A real gem for when you are looking for rules and clear examples.

Halliday's Functional Grammar in the Classroom
An interesting interview with J.Martin from the University of Sydney

Universal grammar and the innateness hypothesis
A critical study of the arguments for and against the hypothesis that human beings are born with an innate universal grammar, with some brief discussions of alternative theories and the references give you the essential reading if you are interested in this area.

The Nature and Teaching of Grammar
Examine your teaching of grammar with this thought-provoking page of exercises from Costas Gabrielatos.

A Guide to Grammar and Writing
A fascinating site that takes you from word level up to research paper level.

Online English Grammar
Good resource for students or if you are preparing a specific grammar point for your class at short notice.

A Case Study of Grammar Teaching
Materials evaluation and adaptation - the treatment of grammar in WOW Book 1 by Costas Gabrielatos.

Two Conditionals
An interesting and thought provoking article by Costas Gabrielatos on the second conditional and its use.

ESL PartyLand
English as a Second Language - Resources for Teachers and Students. This site has a good practical Teaching Grammar page and according to young Abby in Mt Mansfield Union School in Vermont this is a site we as teachers should all try out with our students. Listen to Abby.