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Methodology and Action Research - The first unit in the Methodology module by Steve Mann from the Aston University Masters in TESOL / TESP.

Cross-cultural paradoxes in a profession of values
A paper by Julian Edge that looks at our TESOL profession and the values behind it. Has one of the most varied, wide-ranging and interesting bibliographies I've seen.

Reflective Teaching
A reading and task-based introduction to reflective teaching and its importance to what we do in our classrooms.

A Short History of EFL
A very personalised overview. Criticise it to your heart's content.

The Impact of Consciousness-raising Activities on a Mixed Level Class
A fascinating study by Stephan Hegglin using an approach that could be adopted with any class.

Shopping at the ELT Supermarket
Costas Gabrielatos examines some common attitudes towards methodology selection.

Issues and Contexts in Teaching Young Learners - The first unit in the Teaching Young Learners module by Paula de Nagy from the Aston University Masters in TESOL / TEYL.

Coursebook Evaluation
A practical guide with an evaluation form you can use.
















Common Teaching Methods
A review of 14 common teaching methods detailing their strengths and weaknesses.

Teaching Philosophy & Teaching Practice
This page underscores the need to articulate the link between teaching goals and actual classroom practice.

Teaching Unplugged is a group of ESOL teachers who "are committed to promoting a 'poor' pedagogy, that is, a pedagogy unburdened by an excess of materials and technology, a pedagogy grounded in the local and relevant concerns of the people in the room." Based on Scott Thornbury's article - A Dogma for EFL.

Best Teacher Description
Based on student feedback. What do you think and how do you measure up?

ELT Methodology
Examine your methodology through this well-developed page by Costas Gabrielatos.

Teaching Methods Index
37 teaching methodologies examined - interesting if not complete.

Lessons for the ESL classroom
By teachers for teachers. They work.

Teaching English with the Bangkok Post
A really good site which will give you ideas about how to exploit other online newspapers as well as some ready to use lessons.

Teaching tips and ideas
The Internet TESL journal's pick of the best.

Dave's ESL Cafe
The Ideas Cookbook from Business English to Writing.

Linguistic Funland
The old favourite with much more than just teaching links.

A site that seriously challenges the above two especially in the area of teacher resources.

The TEFL Farm
Another catch-all site to rival those above. I find that its content has seriously dropped in quality over the last year though.

EFL Games
Vance Stevens' site with links to 30 online games from Hangman to Vocab and Grammar Quizes.

Oxford Teachers' Club
OUP's teacher resource site. Sign up for free and join. The biggest bonus is free book downloads including Widdowson's Explorations in Applied Linguistics.